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Super Fast Scandinavia Post!

So! This will have to be much shorter than I wanted it to be, since I got home from my fabulous week-long Scandinavia Mini-Tour last night, and this morning a bunch of heavy wet snow did something fatal to my internet access at home, so I’m typing this at a cafe.

Anyway! Over the last week I’ve been in Oslo, and in Stockholm! I visited Outland, where I talked to readers and signed books. I also visited the Oslo public library and was interviewed by Norwegian author and translator Ørjan Karlsson–and also got to answer questions from the audience. It was a wonderful time, and I had a blast! I did manage to get lost on at least one occasion, but that was okay, it just meant I saw more of Oslo than I would have otherwise. Thanks to all the folks who suggested I visit the Vigelandsparken, which was very unusual and cool. (It was on my way back from there that I got lost, so it was a day full of adventure!) At any rate, my stay in Oslo was great fun, I met wonderful people and had a lovely time. And Outland is a wonderful store, the folks in Oslo are super lucky!

Then I flew to Stockholm, so I could sign books at Science Fiction Bokhandeln. Which, it turns out, is also a wonderful bookstore! I met even more wonderful folks, signed a lot of books, answered questions, and generally had a great time. I also got to have supper with the two winners of a contest the store had held–the prize was having supper with me and a few other folks. Thanks, Anna and Anders! It was great to meet you and I really enjoyed getting to hang out with you.

I left both places loaded with gifts–mostly tea, Anna, I had some of the Earl Grey for breakfast this morning!–and had a chance to try new food (I think I need to see if the international grocery here carries brown cheese….) and just generally had a wonderful time. I really, really hope I have a chance to go back some time.

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You'll have to let me know what you thought of Oslo. I did Norway a few years ago for novel research, and I fell in love.

Oslo was lovely! I walked around a fair bit--I was staying in the city center, so that was mainly where I was, except for the visit to Vigelandsparken and getting lost on the way home from there.

I also visited the National Gallery and the Museum of Design and Decorative Arts, which I enjoyed quite a bit!

I never did quite get used to the Scandinavian idea of breakfast, though. I mean, there was always enough on the hotel buffet that would do me (I am generally willing to try nearly anything at least once, and actively look for things I haven't eaten before, but I discovered that breakfast, at least when jetlagged, is not an adventurous hour for me), but all the fish for breakfast was kind of odd--and the cold cuts and cheese. I liked the zillionty kinds of bread, though!

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