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So! I am going to Worldcon this year! And I am on a few panels and have a preliminary schedule. Which is reproduced below for those who may be interested.

Short Fiction is Dead, Long Live Short Fiction

Thursday 19:00 – 20:00

Short fiction markets are always in flux, but the changes over the last decade have perhaps been particularly dramatic — a general shift from print to online, the rise of new funding models, and so on. And yet there is more short fiction published than ever: alongside print stalwarts such as Interzone and Asimov’s are online magazines such as Clarkesworld, and Strange Horizons, any number of Kickstarted anthologies, and hybrid models such as Arc. For editors, what considerations go into developing a short fiction market for today’s readers? For writers, do the available venues shape what gets written, and if so in what ways? And why do so few British writers appear in online magazines?

Liz Gorinsky (M), Eileen Gunn, Simon Ings, Keffy R. M. Kehrli, Ann Leckie

A Queerer War

Sunday 13:30 – 15:00

Consideration of sexuality has been part of military sf since at least The Forever War, but while it’s easier than it used to be to find militaristic sf novels that address queer experience — Adam Roberts’ New Model Army, say, or God’s War by Kameron Hurley — they remain uncommon. Let’s talk about the implied or assumed links between combat, straightness, technology and morality, and how science fiction has succeeded and failed at complicating its understanding of the sexuality of war.

Duncan Lawie (M), Geoff Ryman, S. J. Groenewegen, Tanya Huff, Ann Leckie

Pew Pew! Where Have the Lasers Gone?

Monday 10:00 – 11:00

When was the last time you read a science fiction novel with lasers? Everything is flachettes and high explosive rounds. Do we blame William Gibson or has the technology of laser guns been debunked to the point that GI Joe and Cobra’s inability to actually kill one another has finally been explained? Is there still a place in science fiction for the obviously impossible and/or impractical?

Tom Becker (M), Gillian Clinton, Rachel Erickson, Neyir Cenk Gokce, Ann Leckie

In addition to these items, of course, I plan to attend the Hugo ceremony. There will probably be a few other things added into my schedule as the con draws nearer. Possibly quite a few, actually, but I do hope to be able to say hi to people I’ve so far only met online, and hi again to people I’ve met in person but don’t see often. The last couple Worldcons I’ve been to, I didn’t go to a single panel–wait, no, actually, the last two Worldcons, I did go to a reading or two but that was pretty much it–because I spent all my time hanging out with people. I suspect this one won’t be terribly different, except for my actually being on panels myself and having a reason this year to be busy doing book things.

Anyway, hope I see you there!

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See you there! At the Hugos, if nowhere else. ;)

Hope I'll run into you! I'm on a lot of panels but am hoping to do a lot of barcon too. :D

PS hope you are (will have?) having a good time!

I thought Haldeman did a pretty good job on s. orientation-- "just because it happens to (appear to) be like this right now, don't assume god ordained it to stay this way".

I always liked your and Cherryh's take on the subject as well. A.Just. was a tour de force on the subject.

The last lasers I noticed were in FOOTFALL, and they needed atomic bombs to power them sufficiently to use as an anti-ship weapon...

Engr's take: that's one thing about chemical energy- handy packets, and can be automatically self-replacing, which you can't say for batteries. [vision: automatic weapon spewing spent batteries...] CJ's Morgaine's hand laser was solar-charged, but she must not have gotten many volleys out of a charge...

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Eep, as Beth said. I beg pardon. My lunch reading reminded me that the first part of last paragr above was intended to be at least substantially ironic, but this prob'ly didn't come across.

Reading Phillip Kerr, Field Gray, some of the scenes are a mixture of comic opera and tragedy. Scene- a roadside shooting. "There was a lot I could have said... It wasn't just the bodies of fallen heroes that the Valkyries carried up to Valhalla but also those of Berlin chief inspectors that criticized their senior officers in remote French forests..."

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