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This is so wonderful. I can put on my Ancillary Justice *PIN*, courtesy of cafenowhere and drink Ancillary Justice TEA.

Also, gotta love the names.


I also have (but have not marked "public") blends for each of the four Emanations. One or two of them I am still thinking about, and may mess with the formula yet.

Dammit. I may be a tea addict, but alas, international shipping has defeated me.

*admires from afar*

(I get most of my teas from Palais des Thés - they have a retail shop in Dublin, and mmm, browsing.)


I actually have to be kind of careful about tea shopping. I started out at Harney and Sons and Republic of Tea (which has a warehouse just across the river so it ships here fast), found Adagio and got lost in blending things a while, and then discovered that I can buy stuff straight from China on ebay, including varieties I couldn't find at my regular places. Then I found a website selling Japanese tea that also had things I couldn't find at my regular places. And then I had to repeatedly remind myself that I couldn't afford to build a tea warehouse in the back yard and I am not allowed to order more tea until I've drunk a significant fraction of what I already have.

No, I do not have a problem.


Blending and buying direct is hardcore. I've only got... twenty? Thirty? Something like that, anyway... varieties from Palais des Thés (and a couple of weird instant teas from Whittards of Chelsea: instant tea is a thing so bizarre I had to bring some home), and a couple of things that a friend brought back from China and Czech Republic. More than I could drink in a year even if I worked at it really hard - and since I don't drink a pot every day, I'm not working at it really hard.

But there are so many flavours! And combinations! And new teas to try!

And the local Palais has stopped giving me sample packets...

Make a note in your calendar to visit Camellia Sinensis and Yumchaa - both tea shops (one near Regent Street, the other in several London locations including Soho, an easy walk from the first.)

Not that I want to encourage other people's tea habits, you understand...

Not that I want to encourage other people's tea habits, you understand...


*makes the notes*

I love Harney and Sons. They serve it at my local B&N, and I fell in love with several blends.

I have a "buy 2, get one free" for it from B&N right now. ::must buy more tea::

Oh, that's so awesome!

I love tea and am always willing to give new blends a try. Will check them out right now.

Are you working on the Orsian tea-that-doesn't-taste-like-tea?

I need to introduce you to an editor-friend who also does not have a tea problem.

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