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Price cut!!

So, starting, I think, yesterday, and I think going on for the next couple of weeks, Ancillary Justice is available for $1.99. In ebook, of course. And only certain places. Amazon, of course, is not one of those places, because Amazon is…I am biting my tongue about Amazon.

Anyway. You can get Ancillary Justice for $1.99 at Barnes & Noble, iTunes, or the Google Play store.

So if you or someone you know read the first hundred pages of the novel in the Hugo packet and would like to read the rest? You can get it for pretty cheap right now.

I wish I could say that Amazon and Kobo were doing the same. Amazon…yeah. And I’ve actually been making most of my ebook purchases through Kobo lately, because my local indie shop gets a cut. But ebooks are pretty nearly always full price through Kobo.

When I first bought an ebook reader, I got myself a little Sony e-ink thing, which I liked very much but then dropped on the driveway and cracked the screen. I spent some time considering whether I should replace it with another Sony, or buy something else. In the end, I bought a tablet because I didn’t want to be locked into a particular bookseller. (And just this year Sony got out of the business of selling books and transferred my purchases over to Kobo–which was tremendously easy for me to handle since I’ve already got the Kobo app on my tablet.) But of course, tablets (and e-readers that can function as tablets) are more expensive than your basic e-ink reader, so I realize that’s not an option for everyone. I recommend it if you can do it, though.

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I have a Nook, but I now prefer Nook apps for my desktop and my iPad because it's so much nicer to read on the bigger screens. :)

I know someone who wants your book and has a Nook and an iTunes account, so thanks for the heads-up.

I just bought a second copy of AJ to give to my sister, but you know what? I'm grabbing an iTunes copy just 'cause.

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