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One other thing your reporter got wrong:

Leckie herself was alarmed to see a "serial harasser" who'd been previously banned from other conventions for his behavior freely wandering the floor at this year's WisCon.

I assume you were referring to Jim Frenkel there? But he hasn't been banned from any conventions yet.

ooo good catch.

(there are actually quite a lot of other small inaccuracies--my parents were biochemists, not chemists, my agents suggestion to reconsider the pronouns came before any offer from Orbit, etc. The one with the emotional resonance, to me, was the thing about high school (and naming the school!), and the others seemed insignificant to me, but I didn't notice that one. Sheesh.

Some of what's in the article is stuff the reporter himself dug up (all the stuff about the Bulletin--I wouldn't say much about that, as he notes himself) and some of it is his misinterpretations of what I did say. I didn't ever say to him that Frenkel had been banned from other conventions, I'm not sure where he got that bit.

(Rosati-Kain, for those of you with enough connection to St. Louis to be wondering, and/or don’t want to read the entire article for that detail.)


Did you know Deborah Schulte (88)?

Hmm. Name is vaguely familiar. I graduated in 84, though.

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