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astronomers, stolen from bellatrys

So, barely a day after I declare a break from blogging and Twitter, I hear that Ancillary Justice is a finalist for the Philip K Dick award.

My daughter isn’t a hundred percent certain who to root for, though, since she hasn’t actually read my book, but she did like Self Reference Engine quite a bit.

The “it’s an honor to be nominated” thing is a cliche, but honestly, it is an honor. Look at that list! And there’s Ancillary Justice, right there with the others!

High five to all the finalists!

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I know, right?? :) And thanks!

Well, hot damn. I haven't bought Ancillary Justice yet, but it's on my list. Usually I do my major bookbuying at Wiscon or during the Clarion West readings, so most of my pile-o-fiction shows up in the summer and disappears in the winter. This year, I have a worldcon membership for the first time in mumblety, so I'm trying to remember to buy and read a bunch of books sooner so I can nominate in an informed manner.

Ooh, yes, I never have read most of what I wish I had, when nominating time comes around! And there are a lot of great books this year. I've got a pretty long list that I really ought to make time to read.


anything that Ancillary Justice is nominated for is well deserved <3

Woohoo!! I have it, pre-ordered it from amazon, read the beginning and was enjoying it ... and then got distracted and haven't got back to it. Sorry. :( But I'm so pleased to hear you are nominated. Will be e-mailing you later. :)

Yay! Congratulations!

Yay! I'm so thrilled for you! Especially to get on that list.... you're in great company!

I know, right? That's a fabulous list!

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