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I love awards roundups people post because I get a chance to find books/stories I missed during the previous year and read all kinds of material with which I wasn't familiar.

Hope you enjoy your social media vacation. It's all rather overwhelming at times.

II love Benjanun's stuff--"Silent Bridge, Pale Cascade" was excellent. I'm sure Zen Cho's stuff is great too--in fact, looking at her publications page, I'd like to get her hungry-ghosts story ("Balik Kampung (Going Back)").

Stranger in Olondria I still haven't read, but all the short fiction I come across by Sofia I love.

Rest up--hope you feel refreshed after your break.

I appreciate the thought anyway! :D I hope you have a good break, and return refreshed!

Given the nature of your post, feel free to respond to this at your leisure, but am I correct in assuming you are not eligible for the Campbell?

Oh, goodness no. That didn't even occur to me, sorry. No, my Campbell eligibility clock started ticking with my first (short fiction) publication, which was in 2006, so I haven't been eligible for five or six years.

Thank you! I've seen your name pop up on Amazon aside from your debut novel, so I suspected the Campbell wasn't in the cards. Which is sad, but thank you for confirming. :)

BTW: totally looking forward to the next book!

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