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Ancillary Justice!

Ancillary Justice is out today! It is available wherever fine books are sold! In the US you can go for local to you, local to me, or Amazon or Barnes and Noble if that’s how you roll.

If you’re in the UK, you can get the book at Waterstones, or Amazon UK.

I have received one complaint about the fact that the ebook is only available with DRM. I suspect it won’t be the last. And to be entirely honest, I sympathize. But I have no control over that. There’s really no point in telling me you won’t buy the book as long as the ebook is DRMed, because I can’t do anything about it. I do, however, understand such a position and why someone would take it. I would be happy to see DRM gone, myself.

So. Ancillary Justice is officially out and people can read it! Worldcat tells me it’s already at some libraries. (I love you, Worldcat! I love you, libraries!)

I have a guest post over at the Book Smugglers, on Influences and Inspirations. Regular readers of this blog will probably not be surprised at what influences I mention. They’re also giving away a copy!

There will be a few more guest posts here and there as time goes by.

And there are reviews. This morning the October issue of Locus was delivered to my inbox (I love you, Locus esubcription!) and, it turned out, there’s a very nice review inside. And there have been others!

io9 seems to like it.

SFX liked it too! They get extra points for being the first reviewer to note the influence of C.J. Cherryh.

Lots of people have been tweeting nice things!

Staffers Book Review, Pornokitsch, Jen Phalian, Paul Weimer (for Skiffy and Fanty), The Bibliosanctum…I could go on. In short, there are lots of good reviews. This could be a much longer paragraph.

And I am gobsmacked. You guys, this is amazing. I mean, I believe this is a good book. I’d never have sent it out otherwise. But to see so many other people enjoy it, too, is really fabulous and strange and wonderful and terrifying all at the same time.

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I had a notification from Goodreads this morning that a book I wanted to read was now available :-)

The review on io9 is fabulous! Now I really want to read it! Oh Ann, I haven't entered any of the contests or anything because I am so lame-ass slow that I didn't feel you should waste an advance copy on me, but I am *very* psyched to read it when I get a chance, and I can tell I'm going to love it. So very glad it's getting a good reception!

I am so completely gobsmacked at the reception so far!

I hope you enjoy it, when you get to it. :D

How terrifically exciting! Huge congratulations. It's just downloaded to my Kobo and I am v. excited to read it.

(Link to the book on the UK Kobo store if anybody else wants it!)

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it. :)

And thanks for the Kobo UK link, I'll add that to the page on my website. :)

Congratulations! I'll be trolling my local bookstore for it before placing an order online, because I like to see if I can move some money through the places that let me browse...


And thanks for supporting your local bookstore. I admit I love the instant gratification of being able to buy a book from my living room and read it right away, and I love that so many people seem to have done just that with Ancillary Justice, but I also love realspace bookstores!

I have, nandi, just this moment bought Ancillary Justice from Kobo! (I adore paper books, but these days I read ever so much more if it's on my, go with what's proved to work, I say.)

And, having read the first chapter in the teaser at NPR, I can dive right in at chapter 2!


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