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I had a notification from Goodreads this morning that a book I wanted to read was now available :-)

The review on io9 is fabulous! Now I really want to read it! Oh Ann, I haven't entered any of the contests or anything because I am so lame-ass slow that I didn't feel you should waste an advance copy on me, but I am *very* psyched to read it when I get a chance, and I can tell I'm going to love it. So very glad it's getting a good reception!

I am so completely gobsmacked at the reception so far!

I hope you enjoy it, when you get to it. :D

How terrifically exciting! Huge congratulations. It's just downloaded to my Kobo and I am v. excited to read it.

(Link to the book on the UK Kobo store if anybody else wants it!)

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it. :)

And thanks for the Kobo UK link, I'll add that to the page on my website. :)

Congratulations! I'll be trolling my local bookstore for it before placing an order online, because I like to see if I can move some money through the places that let me browse...


And thanks for supporting your local bookstore. I admit I love the instant gratification of being able to buy a book from my living room and read it right away, and I love that so many people seem to have done just that with Ancillary Justice, but I also love realspace bookstores!

I have, nandi, just this moment bought Ancillary Justice from Kobo! (I adore paper books, but these days I read ever so much more if it's on my ereader...so, go with what's proved to work, I say.)

And, having read the first chapter in the teaser at NPR, I can dive right in at chapter 2!


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