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Giveaway Winners!

The blog Giveaway, of four copies of Ancillary Justice, closed last night. This morning, the household’s newly-permitted driver obligingly chose four slips of paper at random out of a bowl. And so, the winners are:

Glen Mehn, who likes black
Beth Nutley, who likes blue
Ferrett Steinmetz, who likes black (a lot of people like black!)
George Hollis, who likes purple

I’ll be emailing the winners for snail mail addresses once I’ve had a bit more tea.

There are still giveaways going at Goodreads and Librarything, and I’ve just heard that the Skiffy and Fanty show plans to give a copy away when they interview me. And I might do another giveaway at some point, just because.

Also, I’m given to understand that at least one Waterstones in the UK already has the book up for sale.

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I've always loved your stories, so I'm very excited about a novel from you. Sadly, no advance copies for Europe....:-(

Shoot me your snail mail addy. ann at annleckie dot com.

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