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Links 4 U
First off, the Carl Brandon Society is holding an auction to benefit Con or Bust, which helps fans of color make it to conventions. Check it out!

Second, the other day I ran across this post, Why Do People Keep Calling Me a Racist? An Explanation for (Some) White People. Go read. Do not argue. Do not say "But..." Just read and ponder.

dsmoen on Why I No Longer Support the Writers of the Future Contest. Like her, I've got no beef with previous winners or finalists. But in my opinion anyone considering submitting there ought to take a long, hard look at what they're associated with. I've occasionally had conversations with people who don't see what the big deal is with Scientology. After all, freedom of religion and neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket and all that. Thing is, if it was just a question of believing things I thought were absurd I'd wish every Scientologist a happy Space Clam Day and go about my business. But we're talking about an organization that physically abuses its members, chases them down when they try to leave, threatens and harasses anyone who publicly disagrees with them or opposes them, and worse. They have, in fact, broken legs and picked pockets.

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Have you seen the funny Tumbler "Yo, Is This Racist?" (Wait--maybe you pointed me to it? If so, apologies!) He does NOT suffer fools gladly.

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